The Institution


   First Chinese Royal Academy is the first and only Chinese school in the metropolitan City of Talisay, Cebu. It is a non-sectarian school which aims to develop students holistically.   

   First Chinese Royal Academy
 aimed to provide a realistic and innovative learning experience to every student in friendly, safe and nurturing environment.

   FCRA is a product of a common desire to develop men and women of character and principle by integrating a Value-based, Research-based, and Performance-based curriculum. The first Chinese school to rise in the newly chartered City of Talisay, Cebu, where it intends to foster stronger relationships among Filipino-Chinese in the community.

   FCRA formerly known as “ Little Wonderz @ Workz Academy” was established on June 2006 to address the clamor for a Chinese School within the city that offers high quality and affordable education. A subsidiary of R’Way Financial Group,

   FCRA is composed of God-centered businessmen and top-notched administrators at the helm supported by highly competent faculty members. Thus, the school intends to be a major breeding ground of excellence to individuals who will soar like an Eagle. FCRA believes this quote “When it rains all birds fly for shelter but the eagle avoids the rain by flying above the clouds.”



   The FLYING EAGLE symbolizes FREEDOM. FREEDOM to explore bigger possibilities and the FREEDOM to seek new heights. Just like an Eagle, we will be able to readily spread our wings and soar as high as we can.

   The YELLOW background signifies the light that comes from the people behind FCRA. From the Board of trustees to the School Administrators and to the Faculty members, we are committed to impart this light to every pupil. As they chase their dreams, we will be there to guide and support them.

   The MAROON color symbolizes a burning spirit and passion in providing quality and affordable education.


   First Chinese Royal Academy is anchored by the following philosophical foundations:


   Children deserve authentic teaching and learning experiences in the educative process for them to truly value the essence of education in life.


   Chinese Royal Academy shall be a paragon institution of breeding ground of excellence for outstanding academic training programs that prepare students for college education, livelihood readiness, employment and entrepreneurship.


   To be the breeding ground of excellence is anchored by adopting technology in the entire teaching-learning process and by nurturing the holistically developed students with personal and professional competence and a distinct culture of discipline.


   The breeding ground of excellence in the Basic Education programs as to academic, dance, music, and sports.


   To transform the child to be responsible, independent, competent and mature learner.