FCRA ADVISORY NO. 1 FOR S.Y. 2020-2021

   Greetings of Peace and Mirth to all Royalistas!

   We hope that all is well in this time of pandemic. We trust and pray to God to keep us safe and provide us the needs of our families as we continue to cope up with a sense of normalcy.

   Over the past weeks, FCRA has been planning and implementing ways and means to align with the transition of the “new normal”. This “new normal” will surely bring us both opportunities and challenges but together we can join hands to uphold the quality of education we always desire. Thus, after careful consultation and surveys from the stakeholders, the management has formulated the following learning modalities in anticipation for a better S.Y. 2020-2021, to wit:

   1. In-school learning - The learners and the teacher are both physically present in the classroom. Limited number of learners per class to follow social distancing, proper hygiene, face mask and bring-your-own provisions will be a must.

   2. Homeschool - Learners will have to access our online platform. This requires internet connection, gadgets and adult supervision at home.

   3. Blended Learning - This is a combination of face to face, online, and modular learning. Internet connection and gadgets are also required.

   The parents will have to choose which one is best suitable for their children. These three learning modalities are being considered by the management to accommodate each and every peculiar situation. Rest assured that we will continue to adopt changes as necessary with the safety and wellbeing of all learners as well as other stakeholders be our top priority. We are asking everyone to always keep posted on our Facebook advisories. We are open for any suggestions. Your opinion will be well appreciated for us to be united as one in this very trying times.

   Thank you so much and God Bless.

   -FCRA Admin