In its continuing quest to be the "breeding ground of excellence," First Chinese Royal Academy launches and adapts 3 learning modalities for S.Y. 2020-2021 using our T-E-A-M (Technologically Enhanced Academic Methodology) Approach.

   1. In-school or Face-to-Face Learning - The learners and the teacher are both physically present in the classroom. Limited number of learners per class to follow social distancing, proper hygiene, face mask and bring-your-own provisions will be a must.

   2. Homeschool or Online Learning- Learners will have to access our online platform. This requires internet connection, gadgets and adult supervision at home.

   3. Blended Learning - This is a combination of face to face, online, and modular learning. Internet connection and gadgets are also  required.

   Despite this uncertain period due to COVID-19 pandemic, FCRA believes that education must continue in a more empowering and innovative way. With that, there is only one way to thrive for continued learning - and that is to adapt the NEW NORMAL. Through FCRA's T-E-A-M learning approach, students will productively experience a different kind of learning delivery fitted for the new normal.

   Using our T-E-A-M approach, learners will have a sense of freedom on their pace of learning under the constant guidance and supervision of our teachers and other school stakeholders. FCRA's T-E-A-M approach will take every learner's educational experience to greater heights.

   The school's Learning Management System (LMS) for this school year which will adapt the T-E-A-M Approach as flexible learning platform, will gauge student learning in using different educational tools in order to meet the needs of the 3 learning modalities.

   Lastly, aside from giving value-laden and quality education, FCRA is putting into consideration as our top priority the safety and wellbeing of all school stakeholders as we follow guidelines and protocols from the National government, Department of Education (DepEd), and the local government units.

   Royalistas, let us build a T-E-A-M for this emerging transition. Soar higher and be a T-E-A-M learner for a brighter future!

   Please keep posted for further updates. For more inquiries, you may refer to the following details below:

   Address: Bascon Street, Dumlog, City of Talisay, Cebu 6045

   Telephone Number: 384-9657

   Mobile Number: 09959531939

   E-mail address: fcra217@gmail.com or fcraenrollment@gmail.com

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